2017 – The Year of the Video?

Is this really the year of the video?

If you ask us to look at our data so far in 2017…yes!


So far in 2017 our tests have show that video is out performing any other content in terms of reach, engagement and click throughs. This is huge, and means it’s really important to think about how you can make videos work for your business. There’s no sense in just posting stock videos that don’t really have much to do with your business.

So what are my options?

There are 2 routes we would go down if you want to try using video for your social media marketing without spending to much of your budget on actually creating the videos.

  1. Film the videos yourself – If you’re doing something interesting with your business, get your phone out and film it. You can even go live when you do this, and as we’ve said before…LIVE is gold!
  2. Add your products to stock videos. This is a little more tricky, but there are websites out there such as https://placeit.net/ that let you place your products in their videos. It’s well worth a try to test the water, so you can make a decision on whether you want to invest in video marketing!


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