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June 21, 2017

How to ‘Boost’ your Facebook live videos!

Here’s the trick:

1: Go to Publishing Tools on your Facebook Page

2: Click Videos

3: Click +Live

4: Set up your video options and the schedule the live video

There will be a post on the page telling your fans that you’re going to go live, but there’s no way to boost it.
5: Click the share button and share it to yourself in messenger. When you click the link, that’s the link you want to use in the next step…

6: Make a post on the Facebook page explaining that you’re going to go live, and that people can get a reminder using the link in the comments. Publish the post and then paste the link from step 5 into the comments.
When you hit enter, there will be a button for people to get a reminder:
Boosting this post will mean people can get their reminder for when you go live, and your live audience will be instantly bigger! Enjoy!


June 20, 2017

The Perfect Online Funnel for a Health & Fitness Business

Summer’s here, your business should be thriving!

We keep going on about summer finally arriving in the UK, but we’ve been waiting for so long! It’s such a great time of year and there’s one industry that should be thriving in it. Health & Fitness. Most people think the best time of year for the Health & Fitness industry should be January, when everyone is making their new years resolutions to get in shape. But as most people know, that’s short lived. The best time of year for the industry should be summer, when everyone suddenly becomes more conscious of how they look in less clothing! It’s just too hot to hide under thick heavy clothes, so people turn to fitness and health programs to help them find their ideal shape for the summer. We work with a few businesses in the Health & Fitness industry and one of them has agreed to let us use their online fitness program as an example to how personal trainers and fitness coaches should be using their website and social media this year to thrive over summer.

Meet Mr Scott Spencer!

Scott came to us as a well established personal trainer and overall fitness & health professional to build up his online presence, of which he had none! Scott’s been on the cover of fitness magazines, on TV talk shows and is an all round great guy, but he didn’t do social media! We often get jealous of people who tell us they’re not on social media. What a simple life it must be!

Scott’s Selling Point

When Scott first contacted us there was something different about the way he talked about his business. As you can imagine most businesses tell us their sales goals, the ROI they want from social media etc and it’s completely understandable. Everyone has to make a living. But Scott just spoke about how he’s on the wrong side of 40, is a father and family man, but still finds the time to have rock hard abs. Right from the first conversation we had with him we knew that his first mission was to help parents who feel too busy to look after themselves, and he just wanted to make a business out of it. THIS is the mindset that any business should have.

  1. Who do you want to help?
  2. Why do you want to help them?
  3. How are you going to help them? 
  4. Could you earn some money doing it? 👈 This should ALWAYS be last

As an example, here are SMR Social’s answers to those questions:

  1. Who do you want to help? Small businesses and public sectors
  2. Why do you want to help them? Because a lot of them don’t have the knowledge & time to use social media to promote themselves
  3. How are you going to help them? We’re going to use our extensive experience in social media marketing to help them build up their online presence, and keep looking for new ways to push them above their competition
  4. Could you earn some money doing it? We’re a small agency of 2 so we don’t need to charge top end prices, but we have to make a living and we’ve found most small businesses are happy to pay the monthly fee that we charge for our services.

Scott’s Online Funnel

In the early stages of Scott’s journey to getting online, he wasn’t quite sure on what exactly he was going to offer. He had some fantastic ideas, but don’t we all. We’re going to take you through what his online plan looks like now and why it is the perfect funnel for any health & fitness business!

👉His Website👈

Your online presence has to start with your website. Websites these days have to be clear and concise. Think of that feeling you get when you’ve just tidied up a messy house. There’s nothing in the way that’s not being used, nothing to annoy you and make you feel stressed without even realising it. That’s exactly what Scott’s homepage looks like. A menu at the top, a huge header that has 2 buttons on that cater for 2 different people:

  1. People who haven’t heard of Scott before
  2. People who are ready to sign up to his plan

This is SO important because of the way online marketing works these days. In Scott’s case, his ‘ideal‘ funnel is:

  1. You see one of his videos on Facebook
  2. You start to see some of the great tips, advice and mini workouts he posts on social media
  3. You may even engage in some of the content, to which he replies with a thoughtful response
  4. You head to his website to find out a bit more about him (some people are ready to sign up now, others take longer)
  5. You want to take action after seeing all the amazing results Scott is getting for his clients, and you hit that big orange ‘shift’ button to sign up for his 1 month plan!!

That’s just the beginning!

Ok from our point of view it’s the end. We’ve reached Scott’s target audience on Social Media, got them hooked on his content and they’ve taken action. But for Scott, that’s just the beginning and that’s why this is the perfect funnel for anyone in the Health & Fitness industry.

Scott’s Shift Program – Online Fitness of the Future!

If you look at what’s included when you sign up for the Shift program, you should notice a few things. The first item included in the plan is access to a closed Facebook group for other Shift members 👈 Gold 👌

LIVE workouts using the Facebook group – for members only!
LIVE Q&A for the Facebook group – This is genius

Everyone’s on Social Media – Keep them there!

Scott is really utilising the power of social media to build a community of customers. Instead of fighting the new trend he’s embracing it and making it work for his business model. £30 for 30 days seems like nothing for people when they sign up, but when they realise what an incredible service Scott offers do you think they’ll take much convincing when he brings out a new program? A new product? He’s building his list, his community and his reputation and if he keeps it up it’s just going to get better and better. The best thing about all this is:

He probably doesn’t even realise he’s doing it!

Scott’s a genuine guy. He’s not a marketer, he’s a Health & Fitness professional. He probably won’t utilise the assets that he’s building to the extent that he should, because he doesn’t realise the potential for it. But that’s how it should be! Anyone in the Health & Fitness industry…take note!

June 19, 2017

Spontaneous Local Ads

Wow, it’s been hot!

With the weather seriously picking up recently in the UK it’s been great to see lots of local businesses running Facebook ads advertising their ice creams and milkshakes. So we thought we’d talk you through the best way to do it.

Don’t Boost Post!

Most people naturally post the advert to their Facebook page, then hit boost post and boost the ad to an audience they choose from there. The problem with this is that you don’t get as many options when you select your targeting, and you can’t reach all of the people that you should be reaching.

Head to Ads Manager

  1. Go to your Facebook Adverts Manager: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/
  2. Click ‘+ Create Campaign’ unless you already have a campaign that you want to put this ad in
  3. Choose Engagement as your objective and make sure Post Engagement is selected
  4. Then at ad set level, when selecting the location you want to target, make sure the option ‘Everyone in this location’ is selected, rather than ‘People Living in this Location.’ This means you won’t only reach the people that live near your business, you’ll reach EVERYONE who is near your business at that moment in time. This is really important.
  5. Then choose your placements and budget
  6. Then select the correct page post to promote

Extra Tip

As an extra tip, we’d recommend going through all 6 steps again but in ad set level, under ‘Optimisation for Advert Deliver’ choose ‘Impressions.’

This way you’ll also REACH a lot more of the people in the area that day. The first ad will get good engagement on the post so that you gain social proof, the second ad will get more people to see it. It’s the perfect combination to get people to come and try your ice cream!

June 15, 2017

View Every Facebook Ad Targeted at You!

One of the best ways to get inspiration for your ads is to see which ads are performing best for everyone else. But to do this, the only way (until now) was to scroll through your newsfeed until you’re hit with an ad. With Facebook you get to see ads that are targeted to you, and find out why you fall into the target audience for that ad. So if you ever see an ad on Facebook that you think is just perfectly suited for you, you can click the “Why am I seeing this?” button and find out how you were targeted. It can be great for ideas, but it’s rare you see enough ads to do this often.

A new chrome extension

A Facebook marketer has created a new chrome extension that you can install and use on Facebook to only see ads in your newsfeed! It’s great. You load up Facebook, turn the extension on and then refresh the page. Next thing you know, every post you see on Facebook is a sponsored post targeted at you. Every time you have a quick 5 minutes, you can go in and see hundreds of ads to get some inspiration and see which ones are getting the best response for people like you, the target audience! Here’s the link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/turbo-ad-finder/kjbjojolojmokicddfeaamkodihccdcl

June 14, 2017

When to use a different Objective

How confident are you about your audience?

Sometimes with Facebook ads you’ve managed to narrow your audience down so well that you feel like there’s no need to really use an objective, you just want to reach as many people as you can! It’s a great place to be in with your campaigns. So what audiences are better to just reach more of, and how can we do it?


This is the obvious one. We often set up our retargeting ads with a different objective than the usual Website Clicks or Website Conversions. This is great if you’re running Adwords campaigns to your website, and then hitting people on Facebook with a reminder or discount. You’re not trying to get them to engage, you just want to reach them so that when they’re ready they’ll click the ad and make their purchase.

Page Fans

If you’ve built your page up properly, your page fans should be people who WANT to see your content. This is the perfect time to REACH more of them instead of looking for people to engage, because your page fans will naturally engage with your content.


If you have a good video, and a well targeted audience then reaching them all could be the best things to do. Let’s say, purely for example, that you have a targeted audience of 100,000 people. If you go for a video views objective or website clicks etc you may not reach all of them. But if you try to reach as many of those people as possible, you’ll be able to re-target them by people who viewed the video over 50%, 75% etc. These people are SUPER interested and make a great audience for retargeting.

So what’s the best way to reach more people?

There’s more ways of doing this than you’d think, and we actually prefer the less obvious ones.

  1. Reach Objective – This one’s self explanatory. You can create a new campaign using the reach objective. This aims to reach as many people in your audience as possible, so it’s perfect if that’s what you want.
  2. Impressions – You can select this objective at ad set level, on most campaign objectives. So if you set up a reach campaign, when you’re in your ad set you can leave the objective as reach, or change it to impressions. This also works for other campaign objectives. Impressions means that Facebook will just show your ads as often as they possibly can. So 1 person in your audience might see your ad 3 times in 1 day…depending on the size of your audience. This can work well, but usually only for short periods of time. Facebook don’t like to annoy people with the same ad too often, and your audience might get fed up.
  3. Daily Unique Reach – And here you have our favourite reach objective. The campaign objective we choose depends on the ad creative we’re serving to our audience. If it’s a funny picture that we want all of our audience to see, we’ll create a Page Post Engagement campaign but change the objective at ad set level to Daily Unique Reach. If it’s a clickable link to a product then we’ll choose a Traffic or Conversions campaign (depending on pixel) and change the objective at ad set level to Daily Unique Reach.

So there you have it. When you have an audience that you KNOW is going to work, make sure you reach as many of them as possible.

June 13, 2017

Morning Walks

Get Yourself Moving!

Most of our readers are small to medium business owners that lead very busy lives. If you’re not a business owner you might be a digital marketer or even a social media marketer…but the chances are, you spend a lot of time at a desk! Well we wanted to write a little bit about how walking has made a huge difference for us!

16 hour days

Owning a business, no matter how big or small, often means putting in the extra hours in. The only problem we have with that is sometimes we don’t even realise we’re doing it! We can’t think of the amount of times we’ve woken up and worked right through to bed time. The only breaks are to boil the kettle! It’s great for business and can often mean that after a period of putting in lots of hours, you can then have a period of normal hours because you’re not looking for more clients etc. But sitting at a computer for 16 hours a day and not really taking breaks is SO bad for you. In the beginning, I (Stephen) was doing it a lot. I had to build up a reputation, which meant working for peanuts to prove myself, and then build up a client base which meant finding clients, doing the work, continuing to find clients, doing more work. Etc. etc. etc. But I enjoyed it. Until I started feeling tired, uncomfortable and worst of all in pain. The strain of hanging over my laptop finally took it’s toll on my neck and I started to suffer from neck and upper back pain.

I tried everything!

As most people do when they experience a new problem, I looked for a fix and expected a miracle! I won’t go into all the different treatments etc but it was about 2 years until I accepted that I wasn’t going to get magically cured from my pain, my lifestyle had to change. So here’s my list of habits and changes that I believe have dramatically improved my mood, health, energy levels and pain levels:

  1. Walking – By nature I’m quite competitive and I’d heard about these fitbits that people were getting. So I got one and the thing I liked best about them was that you can see how many steps other people are doing compared to you. You can also set each other challenges to encourage each other to walk more. Well I took it to another level and would be walking until midnight just to win these challenges, but that’s calmed down a bit now! Fitbit recommend at least 10,000 steps a day. That’s a great starting point and most people might be surprised at how hard it can be to reach that. The first week I got my Fitbit I decided not to change anything in my routine. I was averaging around 3000 steps per day! It shows just how little I was moving around. These days I’m disappointed if I don’t get to 10,000.
  2. Stretching – Stretching is something everyone should do whether they’re in pain or not. What I’ve actually found is that if you stretch your whole body (starting with legs then moving up the body) rather than just focussing on the part where you feel pain, you’ll benefit more from it. Stretching is great but if you’re over stretching one part of your body, which i was, you’ll just making things worse because the muscle will become weaker!
  3. Strength Exercises – I bought a resistance band online and I use that to do certain exercises to strengthen up my back. Now I’m not going for the Arnold Schwarzenegger look but it’s really helping me to get through my working day without fatigue in my neck. This is something I neglected for a long time because I was worried it would make my problem worse!
  4. Diet – Now by diet I don’t mean cutting out food. I just mean be aware of what you’re eating. If you’re sat at your desk all day you don’t need to eat that much! I find if I have a big breakfast or lunch I just feel heavy and my mind isn’t focussed. Try adding more fruit and veg to your diet and consider smaller meals until you’ve finished work for the day. I actually do something called Intermittent Fasting which generally means changing your eating window from 16 hours to 8. For example most of us sleep for 8 hours (imagine) and then break our fast when we get up, then eat at intervals during a 16 hour day before sleeping again for 8 hours. I currently start eating at 1pm and don’t eat anything after 9pm, so my fast is 16 hours instead of 8. I find not eating in the morning helps my mind focus all day until lunch time at 1pm.
  5. Water – Drink loads of it! I drink a lot of coffee in the mornings and that can often have the opposite effect of water. So I’ve actually started drinking a pint of water every time I boil the kettle. During the afternoon I don’t tend to drink anymore coffee so I just drink a few more pints of water and it’s great to feel so hydrated. Make sure you can regularly go to the toilet though…

Where did that come from?


I realise this is a bit different from our normal type of blog. You certainly didn’t learn the latest Facebook advertising trick today. But the reason I posted this is because Abby and I had a bit of a break from our normal walking routine and I noticed a huge difference. We stopped walking as much because I broke my toe. But over the past few weeks we’ve got back into the swing of things and it feels great. We’re more productive and creative with our work and it’s definitely down to our walks. So try it. An hour out of your day, every day, to go for a walk!

June 12, 2017

How Political Parties used Facebook Advertising for their Campaigns

Video Awareness

In the run up to the election, Facebook news feeds across the UK were filled with videos ads from the conservative and labour parties trying to win over un-decided voters. Most of the ads that were seen were video ads…a great use of the best performing ads on Facebook right now!

“Let’s make them look bad!”

Rumour has it (The Independent) that the tories spent over £1m on adverts that made the labour party look bad, rather than trying to make themselves look good. In the business world, this tends to be a big no no! However, it was Labours advertising strategy that won our vote for Facebook ad campaign of the General Election award…

“Ah Haaaa….Vote Labour!”

Labour decided to bring in as many celebrities as they could to make videos about why they were voting labour. One video featured Steve Coogan, better known as Alan Partridge who explained how he grew up in a large family that were always looking out for others. It really looked to reach people’s emotions and get them to believe that voting Labour was the solution. Exactly the same strategy as businesses should be using to advertise their products. We were really impressed!

It seems to have worked…

Labour’s strategy of appealing to people’s emotions and advertising to the masses seems to have won them plenty of votes. According to the ‘Who Targets Me?’ project Labour decided to advertise their campaign in 464 areas of the UK as opposed to the tories campaign that only targeted 205 areas. It goes to show that with a good advertising campaign you can go broader and still have success.

What can we learn from this?

It’s important to step back from the politics here and look at what we can learn about the advertising campaigns. The Tories seemed to focus on campaigning to their current audience to secure what they already had, by making the competition look bad. Ok, that’s one way to keep votes from people who are already likely to vote for them, but what about winning over people who weren’t going to vote for them?

In business terms, it’s like targeting your own customers with negative product reviews of your competition’s products. That’s going to make your current customers feel glad that they chose your products over your competitors, but it’s not going to get you extra customers.

Labour’s strategy of going broader with a campaign that displayed them as a solution will have both reinforced people who were already going to vote labour, as well as won over other voters who were on the fence.

In business terms, they’ve made their customers feel like they made the right decision, won over people who were shopping around but couldn’t decide where to buy their item, and gained new customers that didn’t even know they wanted to buy their products.

June 9, 2017

Your Business & Politics

And the Votes are in!

With today’s General Election results being announced here in the UK as I type this blog, I thought it was a good idea for me to give our take on whether you should make political posts on social media as your business. You see the thing is, unless politics goes hand in hand with what your business does, you risk losing too many potential customers by posting anything that slightly suggests your political beliefs as a business.

General News is Fine

For most businesses that we manage social media for, there is always a good reason to mention something about what’s going on in the world of politics. But the key for us is to remain completely neutral with what we say, even if that’s not the case. For example we have clients in the tax, accounting & business growth industry that were all very passionate (and concerned) about the Brexit results, and now the general election results. Those results are guaranteed to effect tax, accounting and businesses no matter what they were so it was important to stay up to date with the news and let our audiences know that. But the one thing that we had to make sure we did was stay neutral, no matter what!

Political topics often bring controversial comments…

…which is great! Now don’t get us wrong here, we’re not saying slanging matches in the comments section of your content are a good thing. But political posts often get people expressing their thoughts and we’ve seen many great debates on the comments sections of our posts. This is just fantastic for organic reach and as long as you monitor them, they can work really well in your favour. It’s usually best to stay out of them though! Some of the most passionate niches are in politics, and if you can build up an audience of passionate fans then you can utilise that how ever you like.

Social Media has changed politics

When we woke up this morning the first thing we did was check the news to see how things were going in the election. But funnily enough, the easiest, most intuitive way for us to see the results as they came in live was on Facebook. They had a note at the top of the news feed about the general election and when you clicked on it you saw a live map, and could enter your post code to see the results in your area. We believe social media, Facebook in particular, has really encouraged people to get more involved with politics over the past couple of years. Whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll leave up to opinion!

June 8, 2017

Facebook Lead Forms

If you haven’t tried them yet, think of a way to use them and get going straight away!

There’s a big debate around whether you should be getting people to fill out a form on your website or just use a form natively on Facebook for people to fill in. We’ve been using both for a long time and here are the pro’s and con’s of using a lead form natively on Facebook.


  • People don’t have to leave Facebook to submit their details
  • Some of their details are already filled in for them from their Facebook information so it’s quicker and easier for them
  • You can connect the leads to your CRM so that they come in automatically


  • You can’t retarget people who saw your lead but didn’t fill it in
  • You’re not getting people over to your own website

The results are currently speaking for themselves

So far in all of the lead ads we’ve ben running for our clients, the results are speaking for themselves and lead forms are out performing website leads. People just prefer staying on Facebook and when they click your lead form and see some of their information already filled out it makes it even easier for them to submit their details


We’d suggest you keep the forms as small as possible. If you have any CRITICAL info that you need to know (eg has a driving licence) then make sure that’s on there so that you don’t get people filling out the form that aren’t a qualified lead. But other than that ask for just name and email address OR phone number then do your converting when you have their contact details.

June 7, 2017

Here’s why you should make drone videos for your business…

Because they’re really cool!

There’s a lot of talk recently about how hard it is to stand out on Social Media. So many businesses are using it, and so many businesses are using it very well. So how to the small businesses stand out and grab the attention of their local customers?


We’ve talked about the rise of video countless times and our prediction was that 2017 would be the year video really did become necessary for advertising. Well we’re in June now (how did that happen) and we bet if you go to your Facebook newsfeed almost every other post you see will be video.

“We’ve tried video but it’s not having much impact”

There are 2 things that can REALLY help with video campaigns. The first is captions/subtitles. When people are scrolling their newsfeeds the chances are that they’re in public and don’t want to put the sound on. Make sure everything that needs to be said in your videos is conveyed using captions/subtitles as well as sound.

The second thing is making a really, really good video. Just like images, you can’t just expect a video to do well because it’s a video. It still has to grab people’s attention, get them interested and give them a reason to watch the whole thing. That’s where drones come in!

Local Businesses

Imagine a local business posting a video of a panoramic view of their town, that slowly comes down all the way to their shopfront. Push that out to a local audience and people will watch it. “Hey that’s my town, I think I can see my house.”

Whatever type of business you are, investing in a drone or a professional drone videographer will really help you to stand out from the crowd if you can think of creative ways to make videos that people will love.