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June 6, 2017


The Living Photo!

They look great!

If you haven’t noticed them yet, you probably don’t spend enough time on Facebook! They’re everywhere at the moment, and there’s good reason. They’re the perfect balance between a nice photo, and a full video. They still stand out in the newsfeed compared to a photo but they’re not as heavy as a full video.

What should my Cinemagraph be?

Just as you’d choose a photo for one of your ads, you should take the same photo but record it as a video to turn into a cinemagraph. If you can’t think of anything, one really cool thing to do is place your product in-front of a moving stream or waterfall and make a cinemagraph from that!


How do I make one?

There are many ways to make cinemagraphs. But if you want to make them properly Hubspot have a great tutorial here!

June 5, 2017

Keep It Short!

Not Click-Bait, But Short…

If you’re running ads to a blog post or some form of informational content that isn’t just a product page, short copy is perfect. You can write quick, attention grabbing headlines that leave people wanting more. The┬áhard part is to make sure it doesn’t come into the click-bait category otherwise Facebook will disapprove.

For Example…

Here’s 5 things you NEED to know about writing your Facebook ads. You wouldn’t believe how many people forget about number 4!

This is on the verge of being click-bait, but if the content page you’re driving traffic to has got a list of 5 things that you should be doing when you write your Facebook ads, then it’s fine.


June 1, 2017


Attention. Interest. Desire. Action!

A.I.D.A is a commonly know acronym used in marketing and advertising that’s proven to work consistently. It’s the concept that each advert you make should have the 4 following qualities:


This is the first part of the users experience when they see your ad, and it has to really grab their attention. It can be the first sentence, or an attention grabbing image/video. You need to break through their autopilot scrolling and make them stop to read what you have to say.


Getting someone’s interest isn’t as easy as you’d think. Even if they’re you’re exact target market, it doesn’t mean they’re going to be interested in what you’re saying at that time. You better be sure that what you’re saying is interesting, and the way you word it is interesting too!


Once you’ve got the users attention and sparked their interest it’s time to build their desire. The best way to do this is to connect with their emotions. Most marketers will connect with their negative emotions (a problem they have) and then present their product/service as a solution, thus becoming associated with positive emotions.


This is where most advertisers skip straight to. You want to get people to take some form of action on your ad, so you just tell them to right? You can only expect someone to take action on an ad when they’ve had their attention grabbed, their interest spiked and their emotions touched. Once they’re invested in this way, as long as your product or service offers closure to the process they’ve just been through then they’ll want to take action! Present them with an easy way of taking the action that you want them to take, and don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what to do. It’s surprising how many people don’t understand that they just have to click a link and click buy now to order something. Explain it to them…