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March 5, 2018

A System for Finding Instagram Influencers

Are you wondering how to get popular Instagrammers to post about your products?

Despite it being vey well known and very common, using Instagram Influencers to promote your products is still one of the most cost effective ways to increase your popularity. If you don’t start doing this year you’re going to regret it. We’ve done this for a variety of clients and it’s turned into a system that we use to get as many people as possible to post our clients products to their Instagram profiles.

1. The Influencers

FINDING the influencers is the easy part, but getting hold of them is the hard part. It’s really just a numbers game at this stage. If you search for relevant hashtags and find Instagrammers that get thousands of likes on every post etc, then you’re going to want to try and get in touch with them. If they’re used to doing this sort of thing, they’ll usually have an email address in their bio that you can use to ask them about promoting your products. If there’s no email address, just message and hope. When starting this for a new client we’ll message at least 10 Instagrammers that are relevant to our client and have over 100,000 followers each day. Most of them won’t respond as they get flooded with messages everyday, but some will! Once you’ve got in touch you need to discuss fees etc and agree to something before posting your products to them and paying them.

2. Local Instagrammers

This part of the system is great for those brands that are on a tight budget, but want to create a real buzz around their products. Using the Instagram Search function you can see the top posts in your area, as well as other areas near by. This is a goldmine for Instagrammers that aren’t yet influencers, but have enough of a following for it to be worth contacting. We will usually message them and offer to send them the product for free, and ask that if they like it they post a picture to their feed/story and tag us in. Who doesn’t want free stuff? Depending on your niche, some of the pictures that people post will be fantastic!

March 1, 2018

How to Create an Audience of Your Best Customers

Got some high flyers that love your brand? Put them into a custom audience!

For those of you doing e-commerce, this is a GREAT custom audience you should be setting up. Big spenders and repeat customers are already in love with your brand, so showing them your new products is a must! Having an audience on Facebook of just your best customers is a great way to launch new products to them with ads (screenshot below):

1. Go to audiences section
2. Create custom audience and select “website traffic”
3. Change the dropdown from URL to Event (make sure Advanced Mode is turned on)
4. Choose the Purchase Event (note it only shows after you have gotten your first purchase)
5. In the optional parameters box choose “value”
6. Type in whatever value you want, in this case I did over $100 in purchase value but you can specify any value you want
7. Choose your audience time window and save it!

This is useful for making custom audiences of your BEST customers and then making lookalikes from them! You can also use this tactic to make audiences of people who have bought at least twice to identify repeat customers and make lookalikes from that. The possibilities are endless!