28 Day Instagram Challenge

It’s time to give Instagram a real go!

February is fast approaching and as a business it’s easy to write it off because it’s a short month. But why not make the most of that! We’ve been toying with an Instagram challenge for some of our clients to really boost their Instagram performance, and we think February is the perfect month for everyone to do a 28 Day Instagram Challenge.

The Rules:

  1. Every Ad you’ve been running on Facebook must be replicated and advertised on Instagram in a new ad set with Instagram as the only placement.
  2. You must keep running the ads for 28 days. If any of them really aren’t performing, duplicate them and tweak them if you need to.
  3. Any ads that have content that you want to be public should be made as a post on Instagram first, and then sponsored using the Instagram app. This is so that your public Instagram content retains all the engagement you get from your ads.

Advice & Tips

If you’re currently spending to your limit on Facebook, then we suggest finding your lowest performing ads and pausing them for February. Use the budget from those ads to replicate your highest performing ads on Instagram.

If you’re thinking of trying Instagram only for the month and pausing all your Facebook ads, don’t. If your Facebook ads are working don’t turn them off! That’s just suicide. Run both.

You’ll need to make sure your Instagram account is a business account, and it will need to be added to your business manager and your ad account. For the public posts that are done natively on Instagram, your mobile device will need to be connected to your Facebook account so you can select your Facebook ad account when promoting the post.


Treat your Instagram ads completely separately from your Facebook ads for the month. Then once February is over, compare their results. What we’re hoping you get from this is that certain ads work a lot better on Instagram! It depends on many factors, but if you don’t try you don’t know!


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