A New Purpose for Cold Social Ads

Wow, it’s been a while!

Sorry about that! Here at SMR Social, we’ve been busy! Very busy! As clients and followers of ours, you know that keeping on top of the latest social media trends is something we pride ourselves on. It’s a full-time job in itself that we share between the two of us. On top of this, we manage our client’s social media presences using the research we do on trends. In recent months not only have there been so many changes to keep up with, we got married in New York! If you’ve ever wondered how much time planning a holiday, wedding and party all at the same time take then just ask!

Getting back to it…

Anyway, thankfully everything went very well and we’re finally getting back into the swing of things. Hence finally being able to re-visit the blog and update you with one of the main trends we’ve noticed over the past few months! In the Facebook ad community, there’s a general agreement that the purpose of cold advertising on social media has shifted. Now let’s not jump the gun and say that if you have a viral product you need to spend some time on brand awareness first before going for the sell, it just means that most brands do need to re-assess their approach to social media advertising for sales.

It’s all in the back end!

Generally, brands now need to take the approach that we’ve been harping on about for years. Build a presence, reach your target audience with great content on your social media pages and then sell to those who are already engaged with your brand on any level. That means from people who have engaged with your content on social, all the way to those who are already customers in your email lists.

Making the shift

If you’ve seen a huge drop in return on ad spend for your cold ads, you should definitely try shifting things over to more of a funnel style campaign. Get people engaged, get people to sign up to your email lists, and retarget people with those sales ads that have stopped performing to cold audiences. It’s all about creating a journey for your customers to go on that eases them into making a purchase.


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