A Quick Summary About Facebook’s F8

F8 – Facebook Developer Conference

Incase you missed it, F8 was a conference for Facebook to announce it’s latest plans and show off some of the cool stuff they’re working on. You can see the official website here: https://www.fbf8.com/

Some notable announcements include:

But what’s in it for Advertisers?

If we’re honest, there weren’t actually that many great announcements when it came to Facebook Advertising! We were a little disappointed, but there were still a few gems that could prove great for the future of Facebook Marketing…

Messenger Conversation Ads!

Messenger Conversation Ads enable you show a newsfeed ad that triggers a Messenger Message with a coupon code and link to the website. This will be really powerful for those businesses that use the messenger function a lot on Facebook.

What else?

There’s plenty more for us to get through from the F8 conference, such as how “Facebook Hit 5 Million Advertisers By Turning Users Into Marketers” so we’ll keep you updated with our blog posts. We’re off to test the messenger ads!



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