Advert Management


This is a list of the Social Media platforms that we are able to manage for you:

Direct ADs

Direct ads on social media are about grabbing the users attention, and getting them to take action based on impulse. The action can be anything from signing up to a newsletter to purchasing a product.

There are many different ways to utilise social media advertising, and it starts with being able to target so many different audiences. You can create brand new audiences based on interests and demographics, or you can create custom audiences based on data you already have.

Video Carpet Bomb

Video Carpet Bombing is a strategy that makes use of the excelled performance of video in Facebook and Instagram ads. Nearly every metric that a marketer measures has a tendency to be better with video ads than any other ad format. With Video Carpet Bombing we aim to reach as many local people to your business as we can with your budget to build up your audiences for re-marketing.


Using the data from your Facebook pixel (that needs to be correctly installed on your website, something we can help with) we are able to retarget people who are interested in your brand. The most successful retargeting ads build trust and offer a special discount to get people over the line.

Fees and Ad Budgets

What We’ll need in order to get set up:

  • Make us an admin on the Facebook Page
  • Add us to your Facebook Business Manager
  • The Facebook pixel will need to be correctly installed on your website

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