As an advertiser, should you be using the Audience Network Placement?

As an advertiser, it’s important to determine the best places to promote your product or service in order to get maximum visibility. The Audience Network Placement is a great option for advertisers looking to get their message out there and maximise their reach. However, does this lead to direct results? In this post, we’ll provide some clarity around whether you should or shouldn’t be using it in your strategy.

What Is the Audience Network Placement?

The Audience Network Placement is a feature available through Facebook Ads that allows advertisers to reach users across multiple platforms including websites, apps, Instant Articles, and Messenger. This placement gives advertisers the flexibility to customize ads based on their target audience’s interests and preferences.  It also ensures that ads are seen by more people who are likely to be interested in what they have to offer.

Meta’s description of the Audience Network Placement:

“People spend a lot of their time on Facebook and Instagram. But they’re also spending time on other apps. Meta Audience Network allows you to extend your campaigns to reach more people using high-quality apps.”

The key limitations

Advertisers feel that they don’t have enough control over who sees their ads or how much they pay for them. This has led to many companies pulling out of the platform because they feel that they can’t accurately track the ROI on their campaigns. Advertisers need real-time insights in order to adjust bids, budgets, targeting parameters and creative content for their campaigns.

However, since the platform does not provide this information in an easy-to-access format, it can be hard to make adjustments in a timely manner. Most clicks are thought to have very limited impact in terms of direct results – also known as ‘cheap clicks’. If you’ve ever wondered why Meta have refunded your ad, it could be down to issues regarding click fraud violations on the Network, which of course leads to further complications.

When is it a viable option?

The network quickly increases reach, offers native ads which help improve user experience and has adequate tools to remarket to users further down the line. For those looking for more control over their ad spends or greater transparency regarding campaign performance metrics, there may be better options out there – but for those who want quick access to new audiences and real-time insights about customer behaviour without having to invest too much time or effort into managing campaigns manually, then using Facebook’s Audience Network could still prove beneficial.

Although Audience Network has become a popular choice for many advertisers looking for targeted campaigns on mobile devices, there are still some major issues with transparency and optimisation that need addressing before it can become a truly effective advertising tool. As such, it’s important that marketers take into account these potential drawbacks when deciding whether or not Audience Network is right for them and their business needs before committing any money or resources into running campaigns on the platform.


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