That’s what you really need!

In this day and age the key to online success is getting your audience’s attention. We live in a world now where people scroll through their news feeds and read headlines, but rarely click through and read the full article. Why is this?

Because people already have their own opinion about everything!

Information is so freely available to us all now that whenever we need to learn something, we can look it up there and then. The younger generation are so used to this that they don’t see the value in it. A lot of the younger generation think they know everything there is to know, so getting their attention with a news article is tough. You need to be a lot more creative.


We’ve been saying for over a year now that all brands should be looking at how they could use video to tell their story. Since the turn of 2017 marketers everywhere are shocked at how well video is performing compared to any other media, and rightly so. Almost every other post in the Facebook news feed is video now, but grabbing people’s attention with those videos is still very tough! Have you thought about how it can work for your brand?

Find your own way

If video doesn’t work for your brand, then don’t waste your time with it. If you’re good at blogging and know that you can tell a better story that way, then stick to it. Just get more creative with it. Where are you posting your blogs? Have you tried blogging natively on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram instead of just posting the links back to your blog? You might find you get more people’s ATTENTION that way!



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