How to Use Facebook Advertising for Public Consultation


One of the difficulties faced by public consultation is reaching target audiences and getting them to take part. Well, Facebook advertising is a great way to get your consultation content in front of people and get them involved.

Imagine you are running a consultation about changes to local hospital services.  What kinds of things might you want people to do? Who do you want to encourage to take part? Maybe you want people to download a document, watch a video, sign-up for a focus group, attend an event or complete a consultation survey.  And maybe you want more young people, or working people, or people with an interest in healthcare, or new mums or people from a particular town. Facebook advertising can help you reach these people and ask them to take part in different aspects of your consultation.


Targeting people within certain locations enables us to include people from across your area, rather than relying on the most well-informed people to come forward. Not only can we target people by any general area, we can also target by postcode to ensure you’re only reaching people who are exactly where you want to reach. This can also be defined by whether people are actually living in the area, or just visiting.

Event Attendance

We can use Facebook advertising to encourage people to attend events in your area. For example, you may want young people in your area to attend a focus group that you’re holding on a specific date. We can create this as an event using your Facebook page, and use Facebook advertising to target the exact demographic and encourage them to attend.

Economic Status

We can use Facebook to target people who wouldn’t normally take part in public consultations. For example people who work in specific occupations may not even be aware because they’re too busy, but we can reach them during their downtime when they’re scrolling on their phone.

For example you may want these people to read your consultation summary, so we can show them an ad with a clickable link to download the document.

Micro Targeting

Facebook advertising gives us the power to really drill down into your audiences and target very specific groups of people. For example, you may wish to target new mums to encourage them to watch a video about what the proposed changes to health services could mean for them.

Survey Completions

Facebook advertising is a cost effective way to get people to complete your online consultation survey. Not only can you target by area, but you can narrow in on specific demographics who may not normally be aware of your consultation. This makes your campaign much more cost effective because you can choose to reach as many people in a certain area as possible, or focus in on specific groups that are more likely to be engaged with your consultation.

Instant Feedback

Using Facebook lead forms is a powerful way to encourage people to leave feedback about your consultation. Rather than having to click a link and leave Facebook, they can fill out your survey within Facebook in just a few clicks. This is also very effective for prompting people who have visited the consultation page of your website, but not filled in the survey yet.

Another effective way of using Facebook ads for instant feedback is including certain trends that have been noticed from current feedback. For example, if a lot of people are making comments about something specific, you could create a Facebook Lead Form and speak directly to your audience by saying something like “Lots of people in your area have mentioned *this* about our proposed changes to health services. Do you agree?” – they would then click a button and select yes or no then click submit.

Interested in using Facebook for your Campaign?

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