Branding On Social Media

Should I brand all of my images?

You can save yourself a lot of time with branding on social media by focussing on branding your pages, rather than your posts. There are only certain circumstances where we believe it to be necessary for a brand to add their logo etc to every image they post on Social Media.

Branding your pages

If you think about the way most of the social media networks are set up, you tend to have a profile picture and a cover/header image. This is where you need to have branded images. It’s common to use your logo as the profile picture, which is perfect unless you have a specific reason to use another image. Then on the cover photo most businesses will have an appealing image with some branding or company information on. Such as opening times, a company slogan or even the website address. When people look at your social media pages these are the first things they see, so your branding is in their head straight away and they get a feel for your company’s personality (if your branding is done properly!). Following this, most people will scroll down to look at your content. Because they’ve already seen your branded header and profile picture it’s not necessary for all your content to have your logos in.

What about when they see an ad?

It’s a common question we get after explaining the above. But have you ever thought about how an ad is displayed on most social media networks?

Notice how in the above example of an advert in Facebook, our profile picture is displayed as well as our business name. You don’t need to add your logo again to the image because it’s already there. We added SMR Social to the headline of the ad to let people know that clicking the link will take them to our blog. This wasn’t a branding decision, it was an informative one.


This also happens when a person shares your post to their profile. It shows your profile picture and your business name, meaning it’s not important that your logo is on the images or videos etc. If someone who sees a share is interested enough, it’s very easy for them to click through and look at your pages/website. They don’t need to be reminded with more branding that isn’t even clickable.


The only concern we have when it comes to branding images is that if you don’t do it, others can easily steal your images and use them for themselves. However here at SMR Social we are actually quite relaxed about copycats. If someone is stealing our ideas, we must be doing something right! Although it’s wrong and we don’t agree with it, people and businesses that have to copy their content from others aren’t sustainable.



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