Can you give your Facebook Ad Account a Boost?

Here’s something to try that could help your Facebook Ad Account perform better

Talk in the Facebook advertising community is about ‘1 easy tip to make your Facebook Ad Account perform better’ – and normally we wouldn’t relay this sort of thing because it’s usually a load of rubbish or it’s very hard to prove. But we feel this one has some level of truth to it, because it’s something we’ve always done with every Facebook account that’s not performing well.

There is really just 1 simple action to take…

Whether your happy with your ad performance or not, this is definitely worth a try! All you have to do is set up a brand awareness ad to your target audience that doesn’t have any kind of call to action on it. Think viral content, friendly content etc. Nothing that asks anything of your audience.

Let it run and only measure 1 thing: £’s in and £’s out

Assuming you were making some sort of ROI on your ad spend anyway, all you have to do now is see if it increases in the coming weeks now that you’ve got a brand awareness ad up. It’s important to look at the bigger picture here. Day to day you might have positive and negative days, but in the long run are you making more money? If you’re only using direct response ads and turning them off each day based on short term performance, you’re not going to last long as a business using Facebook ads.


As with many things related to Facebook and Social Media, sometimes you just have to guess! The reason we posted this ‘1 easy tip’ is because we do believe it holds some truth. No matter what businesses we advertise for, and what directions they give us, we always insist on setting up adverts that look to get engagement and raise awareness, as well as ads that look to get ROI. We’ve always found this has helped to increase the performance of all ads in the long run and we think it’s because:

  1. Facebook see that you’re looking to build something bigger than just a money maker. You’re building a brand.
  2. It’s easier for Facebook to learn about which people respond to your brand when they’re reacting well to your content. The more Facebook understand which people react well to your brand, the more they can reach those people with all of your other ads.


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