The Living Photo!

They look great!

If you haven’t noticed them yet, you probably don’t spend enough time on Facebook! They’re everywhere at the moment, and there’s good reason. They’re the perfect balance between a nice photo, and a full video. They still stand out in the newsfeed compared to a photo but they’re not as heavy as a full video.

What should my Cinemagraph be?

Just as you’d choose a photo for one of your ads, you should take the same photo but record it as a video to turn into a cinemagraph. If you can’t think of anything, one really cool thing to do is place your product in-front of a moving stream or waterfall and make a cinemagraph from that!


How do I make one?

There are many ways to make cinemagraphs. But if you want to make them properly Hubspot have a great tutorial here!


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