Desktop & Mobile Overtook TV Last Year

The Switch is Real!

TV has become a thing of the past, according to the latest ad revenue reports that state that Desktop & Mobile ad revenues were greater than TV ad revenues in 2016. This doesn’t come as a shock to anyone, but it’s incredibly satisfying to see.

Why is it satisfying?

The reason we’re happy that more revenue is being spent on desktop & mobile ads than on TV ads is that desktop & mobile is affordable for all businesses, not just the big players. TV ads have always been incredibly expensive, and small businesses didn’t really have much chance in competing. But since the rise of avenues on desktop & mobile, small businesses stand a chance! Granted the big players have far more budget to spend on their ads, but at least the small businesses are getting out there in-front of their audience.

How can I use this to my advantage?

Can you imagine being one of the first few thousand businesses that started digital advertising instead of TV? Can you imagine how cheap advertising costs must have been because there was practically no competition. Being the first to make the switch can be risky and it can take some time to see the benefits. But play your cards right and you’ve hit the jackpot! Well according to AdAge “47%of mobile advertising came from mobile search.” So currently the majority of advertisers are using search advertising for their campaigns. But other ad styles are catching up: “Banner ads captured the second most in mobile ad spend with 38%, followed by video (11%).”

Spend on Social!

It’s time to start making the switch to spending more of your ad budgets on Social Media. It’s where the market is going. Although there are a lot of big players doing it already, there are still a lot of businesses that haven’t fully committed to the switch. If you get your social media advertising right, you can create a viral campaign that out-performs any search campaign you’ve ever done.



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