Here’s why you should make drone videos for your business…

Because they’re really cool!

There’s a lot of talk recently about how hard it is to stand out on Social Media. So many businesses are using it, and so many businesses are using it very well. So how to the small businesses stand out and grab the attention of their local customers?


We’ve talked about the rise of video countless times and our prediction was that 2017 would be the year video really did become necessary for advertising. Well we’re in June now (how did that happen) and we bet if you go to your Facebook newsfeed almost every other post you see will be video.

“We’ve tried video but it’s not having much impact”

There are 2 things that can REALLY help with video campaigns. The first is captions/subtitles. When people are scrolling their newsfeeds the chances are that they’re in public and don’t want to put the sound on. Make sure everything that needs to be said in your videos is conveyed using captions/subtitles as well as sound.

The second thing is making a really, really good video. Just like images, you can’t just expect a video to do well because it’s a video. It still has to grab people’s attention, get them interested and give them a reason to watch the whole thing. That’s where drones come in!

Local Businesses

Imagine a local business posting a video of a panoramic view of their town, that slowly comes down all the way to their shopfront. Push that out to a local audience and people will watch it. “Hey that’s my town, I think I can see my house.”

Whatever type of business you are, investing in a drone or a professional drone videographer will really help you to stand out from the crowd if you can think of creative ways to make videos that people will love.


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