Easter Promotions

What are you giving away for Easter?

It’s quite an obvious one, but have you thought about giving away some easter eggs over the next week to boost your reach and awareness? They’re not that pricey, and you can either make a nice little Easter Hamper with lots of goodies for one lucky winner, or give multiple Easter Eggs away to various people!

The Benefits of a Giveaway

When you run a giveaway on Social Media, you tend to reach a lot more people than normal with your campaign. The importance of getting your brands’a name out there should never be overlooked. You should also get a lot more engagement than normal with a giveaway post, because who doesn’t want free stuff? It’s an opportunity for you to publicly engage with your audience to build trust and reputation within your niche’s community.

Amplify the Trust You Create

The main aim for a giveaway needs to be to give value to your audience and make their day! But any good brand understand’s that there’s a lot of opportunity to make the most out of a giveaway. Besides, it’s you who’s paying for the giveaway so you might as well get something out of it! To really make the most of it, you need to follow up with your winners. If they come in store to pick up their prize, make sure you get a photo. If you’re sending out their prizes by post then ask them to post a picture to your company’s wall. This proves to everyone that saw your giveaway that it was genuine. This really helps to build trust. People will feel more comfortable becoming a customer.


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