Emojis for Business

Should you be using them?

This is something we admittedly were a bit late on. When conducting business and communicating on a professional level, if any of us ever saw someone using an emoji we would cringe! It’s just not professional in our eyes. But that doesn’t mean your business shouldn’t be using them on Social Media! Now this all depends on the type of business you have and the tone of voice you want to be giving off.

Will emojis work for my business?

You have to think of your social media posts as a way to connect with your audience on a personal level. You’re not trying to sell to them directly with your content, so it doesn’t have to be proper and professional. It can be casual and if you want to get on the same level as your audience to connect with them, emojis can really help you get there.

There are certain circumstances that emojis should be avoided though. Many B2B businesses prefer to leave emojis out as they’re target audience is professional people and businesses. You really have to get in the minds of your target audience and wonder what they’d think if they saw you using emojis.

A little tip!

Using emojis can help your adverts stand out from the crowd! For example, if you sell Jewellery why not use the 💎 emoji in your ad to grab your audience’s attention? Or even better if you’ve got a special offer on why not use sirens to create a sense of emergency? 



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