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We probably shouldn’t be writing this

The Facebook Advertising platform can be fickle, especially if you’re new to it and make a few innocent mistakes along the way. Like Google, Facebook feel like they can do what they want without really explaining themselves. Unfortunately this can really hurt the people/businesses that are trying to do everything by the book. A few mistakes can lead to Facebook thinking you’re trying to break the rules, and they can shut your accounts down without warning or explanation.

This has happened to us!

This has actually happened to us on one of our ad accounts and it was a scary couple of weeks! We read all the time in the Facebook Ad Community groups about people having their ad accounts deactivated with no warning or explanation never to get them back. So we were worried that all the hard work and progress we made for our client in this ad account was lost. Fortunately, we wrote to Facebook and after a few weeks the ad account was reactivated. Their was still no explanation from Facebook but we weren’t going to pester!

Here’s how to insure yourself incase it happens to you:

Every personal Facebook account can actually set up 2 business managers. If you haven’t already got 1 business manager, go to business.facebook.com/create and set one up for your main business. Once you’ve done that, create as many new ad accounts as it lets you. Then write to support asking for more. Once your business manager is all set up and running, create your second one. Don’t create it in the same business name, make it in your own name or another business that you own.

This simply means that if any of your ad accounts get flagged and deactivated, and Facebook decide to pause your whole business manager, you have a back up so your Facebook ads aren’t completely stopped during this period. In no way are we encouraging you to use this as a way to risk running ads that are against Facebook Policies, but we understand how brutal Facebook can be as it happened to us for no reason. We strive to play by Facebook’s rules but sometimes they make mistakes of their own.



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