Facebook Crack Down on Fake News

“Just don’t let them edit anything…”

In a bid to crack down on ‘fake’ news Facebook are limiting the ability to edit images and headlines when posting a link to your profile, group or page.

Does this affect ads?


“For unpublished link Page post, we are gradually removing the following fields: Link Headline, Display Link, Description, and Picture. By July 26, 2017, you will still be able to create unpublished Page posts, but the link information will default to what we pull in when we scrape the website URL.” – Facebook

Does this affect videos with links?


“Video Link Posts. We are also removing the ability from all Pages to create organic video link posts due to integrity risks and abuse of the format. In early 2017 we ran a test to link posts with a video attachment, along with an optional call-to-action. Because posts from this test did not meet News Feed integrity Standards, video link posts will gradually be removed from all Pages by July 26, 2017. Video Link Page Posts can still be created through Ads Creation Interfaces (Ads Manager and Power Editor) and Ads API for sponsored posts.” – Facebook

How long do I have to authorise my Pages to edit my links?

“For publishers we are extending the link preview modification deprecation timeline to allow time to indicate link ownership. On September 12, 2017 we will complete the feature removal such that publishers’ Page(s) will only be allowed to edit links from website domains they have authorized with the link ownership tool.” – Facebook



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