Facebook Lead Forms

If you haven’t tried them yet, think of a way to use them and get going straight away!

There’s a big debate around whether you should be getting people to fill out a form on your website or just use a form natively on Facebook for people to fill in. We’ve been using both for a long time and here are the pro’s and con’s of using a lead form natively on Facebook.


  • People don’t have to leave Facebook to submit their details
  • Some of their details are already filled in for them from their Facebook information so it’s quicker and easier for them
  • You can connect the leads to your CRM so that they come in automatically


  • You can’t retarget people who saw your lead but didn’t fill it in
  • You’re not getting people over to your own website

The results are currently speaking for themselves

So far in all of the lead ads we’ve ben running for our clients, the results are speaking for themselves and lead forms are out performing website leads. People just prefer staying on Facebook and when they click your lead form and see some of their information already filled out it makes it even easier for them to submit their details


We’d suggest you keep the forms as small as possible. If you have any CRITICAL info that you need to know (eg has a driving licence) then make sure that’s on there so that you don’t get people filling out the form that aren’t a qualified lead. But other than that ask for just name and email address OR phone number then do your converting when you have their contact details.


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