Facebook to Stop Charging Advertisers for Accidental Clicks

Yes you read that right!

And we couldn’t be happier!

“Facebook says ads with viewing times under two seconds will constitute as those accidentally clicked on.” – thestreet.com

If you’ve ever ran any form of website clicks campaign, on Facebook or anywhere else, you’ll know that a lot of the clicks you get to your website will bounce. Unfortunately, social media clicks are notorious for this! It’s part and parcel of display advertising, and the key is to be clever about how you manage it…but that’s for a different blog post.

What constitutes as an accidental click?

Facebook are claiming that ads with viewing times of under 2 seconds will be marked as accidental clicks, and advertisers won’t be charged. They have also stated that the 2 second time could be raised or lowered depending on test results. This is really good news for advertisers, but what does it mean for your website?

  1. Loading times need to be even quicker – If you website takes 3 second to load, and someone gives up on 3 seconds…you’ll be charged for that click.
  2. Pop Ups – You need to think carefully about whether you still want pop ups to appear as soon as someone lands on your website.
  3. The 2 second rule – If you can  convey a message in under 2 seconds so that people who aren’t interested will leave, you’ll save a lot of money!


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