Facebook Video Campaigns

SMR Social’s Video Method

When we start a new video campaign using Facebook ads, we always start with the same method. Try it out and see if it brings you the results you’re looking for.

  1. Start with the broadest audience you possibly can: Whether you have multiple videos or just 1, you should be starting your campaign with the broadest audience you can. So if you’re looking to target people in the UK only who are passionate cyclists, start your campaign targeting EVERYONE in the UK. It seems strange because you’ll inevitably reach people who couldn’t care less about cycling, but read on…
  2. After a few days check your stats: Facebook have a habit of being able to find your audience without you actually targeting them. The best Facebook ad campaigns in history have been done with next to no targeting. Although it’s not guaranteed, there’s a chance that Facebook will start to see which type of people are responding well to your video and serve it to more people like that, even though you only chose to target the entire UK. If this happens you’ll see some good engagement and video views over 30 seconds on your video. If this is the case, BINGO. If not, then it’s time to add some targeting on to the campaign. The aim here is to get as many people to view over 50% of your video. Once you get around 1000 people who have viewed over half of your video then you’re ready for the next step.
  3. Create those audiences: Ok so you’ve had around 1000 people view over half of your video. Now it’s time to put them into an audience. Head into Facebook audiences and create a custom audience of people who have viewed over 50% of your video. This audience will be dynamic, so as more people view over 50% of your video they’ll be put in that audience and any ads you have that use the audience will be seen by them. Once the audience is ready in Facebook, create a Look A Like audience from these 50% viewers.
  4. Set up new ads: Now it’s time to set up some more ads. If you have more videos you want to follow up on your first video, then set up an ad for the second video in the series and target the new audience of 50% viewers. These people are clearly interested in your content, and will therefore react well to your second video. You can also set up a new ad to your first video using the Look A Like audience you created. This will be more targeted than your very first advert and will increase the 50% audience for your new videos.

There you have it. Our basic method to build targeted audiences using nothing but people who have already shown an interest in your videos by watching over half of your first video. The initial step of using the broadest audience possible may not work the first time you try it, or the second, or the third… That’s why it’s so important to monitor your ads. Set them up, let them run for a few days and then see if they’re performing. If not then start again from step one but layer an interest on there to see if it helps. The only way to find out is to test.


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