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Remember the boost post button?

If you’ve been using Facebook for business for some time, you’ll remember the ‘Boost Post” button that started to pop up under every post you made, and you probably don’t even see it anymore because it’s like part of the Facebook furniture. Boost Post was Facebook’s way of getting people who haven’t already tried advertising to start advertising. We have always seen it as the very ‘basic’ way to advertise on Facebook.

What does it do?

The standard targeting setting that Boost Post gives you is usually a country, and Fans & Friends of your page. You will have likely been targeted with this type of ad before. If you see an ad that lists a few of your friends above it saying “So&So and 2 other friends like So&So” then this is the type of targeting they’ve used:

When you consider the advanced targeting methods in Ads Manager and Power Editor, this all seems very basic and our initial tests years ago suggested that this type of targeting wasn’t really going to bring results for anyone.

What about now?

Recently we’ve been testing this a lot more with any pages we manage that have over 1000 genuine fans. The results? Incredible! They have by far the best CPM’s, CTR’s and engagement rates of any of our ads. It’s social media at it’s finest…social proof!

You see that a few of your friends already like a page that is advertising to you and you automatically trust it, and some will feel slightly left out! Why is so&so a fan of that page but I’ve never even heard of them? I better check that out!


You can still layer more targeting on to this. The best way to set these ads up now are to use Ads Manager or Power Editor and under the ‘Connections’ section click ‘Add a connection type’ then under Facebook pages select ‘Friends of people who like your Page’ and add your page to the list.

That’s the way to set up the basic targeting in ads manager or power editor. You can then go back up and layer on more targeting options, but we only recommend this if the audience size is quite large (anything above 75,000). You can add locations, interests etc to target more specifically but still keep that social proof on your ads.

Go give it a try and see if it beats your CPM’s, CTR’s and Engagement rates.


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