Holidays and Important Dates

But I don’t care that it’s Christmas, what’s that got to do with my business?

Every year in the build up to Christmas we have at least one client say the same thing to us. “I’m not selling anything Christmassy, so why should the content on our Social Media be anything to do with Christmas?” Well if anything, this means your content should be EVEN MORE Christmassy! If you’ve got special Christmas products that you’re selling at that time of year, then you’re already getting involved in the holidays. If not, then you need to make an extra effort to be part of your fan’s Christmas by posting nice content to get them in the Christmas spirit. The same goes for any special time of the year!

What content should I post?

It can be as simple or as complicated as you like! Let’s continue with the Christmas example. You could just post a nice Christmassy picture and say “Holidays are coming…” It will get your fans and followers in the Christmas spirit and they’ll associate those good feelings with your brand! Alternatively, you can let your fans and followers into the lives of your business over the holidays. People love to see the personal side of a brand. If you’re having a Christmas party, post about it and ask everyone to tell you about theirs! Have fun with it, it’s a time to connect to your audience rather than sell to them.


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