How Instagram can put you out of Business – For the Right Reasons

Have you heard about Sunny Co?

A couple of college kids in the USA ran a promotion on Instagram and went absolutely crazy. They built the brand through a network of influencers by getting shout outs on Instagram to about 7K followers.

They did a share this photo and get a free bathing suit just pay Shipping and Handling contest. They now have over 700K followers and last we heard are apparently sitting on orders for over 120,000 bathing suits!

What’s really interesting is the backlash they have now as they try to fulfill all of their orders. From what We’ve heard they didn’t prepare for this big of a turnaround and now are scrambling a little to fulfill all these orders.

At the end of the day if they can manage to get this to work, they could be looking at a nice payday but an even better email list!

P.S. Its a shopify store and they still don’t have a FB pixel on the page 😳 – Anyone can go viral with the power of social media!


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