How often should I post?

How often should you post to social media?

This is possibly the question we get asked the most by new and current clients. “Are we posting enough?” “Are we posting too much?” There are so many variables that determine how often that you should post that it’s tough to say without knowing exactly who you are and what sort of business you have.

However there are certain factors that we can go into that may help you decide how often you should be posting to your social media pages.

Are you doing any paid ads?

If you’re investing a lot of money into paid advertising on social media then there are 2 categories your strategy may fall into (ideally you fall into both!) that help determine how often you should post.

My paid ads are for direct sales: If your paid ads are for direct sales only, then you’ll need to be posting more than just once per day. You’ll be getting organic fans and followers from the paid ads and these people will be your ideal fans and followers. However if you want to reach them with your content, you need to get it out there at the times of day they’re most likely to be online.

My paid ads are for brand awareness: If you’re doing paid ads for brand awareness then some of the budget should be set for sponsoring your content. This means you can post much less frequently (5-7 times per week) and still reach enough of your target audience with each post, because you’re paying to do exactly that. Assuming your target audience isn’t incredibly small, it won’t matter if you only post 1 piece of content per week because it will still be getting seen each day.

Are you already established?

If you’re already an established brand with a good reputation, then posting regularly isn’t AS important. If people are likely to have already heard of you they won’t feel the need to check when your last update to Facebook was. However if you’re new or just not well-known then potential customers/clients will check to see if you’ve been active on social media lately. It’s the modern way of checking that you’re still running your business. If the last post you made was this morning and it was a really useful post, then your potential customers/clients are going to feel a real sense of trust from that. If your last post was last year then they’re going to look for other businesses that appear to be open…

What are you aiming to do with your content?

The reason for your content can have a big impact on how often you will want to post. If you’re posting content to be informative to your audience and add value to their lives then once a day can be enough. However if for example you’re a fashion brand with a huge line of products, there’s nothing wrong with posting cool pictures of your products in action through out the day. It creates a sense of “why am I not wearing that too?”

What if I just took a really cool picture?

Post it! It’s quite difficult for us to write this as a social media agency, but spur of the moment content is THE BEST content to post to social media. That’s what social media’s about and we always try to add an element of this into all of our posts, which is why we do them on a daily basis instead of scheduling them out in the future. You should never be so strict on your posting schedule that you film a video or take a really funny picture you don’t post it straight away. Just get it posted before the moment’s gone! With our service, if you feel like you want to add to the content we post then you’re absolutely free to. It won’t affect what we do at all.

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