How to Advertise to Your Top Facebook Page Fans

Facebook has released an option to post only to your top page fans!

Remember when we highlighted the importance of building a genuine social media following, and not buying cheap likes and clicks from audiences that will never have an interest in your brand? Well, that message has rung true once again. Facebook has now added an option to create posts that only your top fans will see:

Who are my top fans?

Your top fans will be the people who interact the most with your page. This includes those who are reacting to your content, commenting on your content, sharing your content, clicking on your content or messaging your Facebook page. The idea here is that you can create special content just for them, such as discounts and free content to reward them for interacting with your page. We used to suggest running giveaways and discounts to your page fans as a reward for liking your page, but this is a new level. Not only are you marketing to people who like your page, but people who are consistently interacting with your page!

What if I don’t see this option when creating a post?

If you don’t get the option to post only to your top fans then it’s likely that your page is new or that you don’t have a large fan base. All the more reason to work hard to build up your community on social networks!


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