How to Create an Audience of Your Best Customers

Got some high flyers that love your brand? Put them into a custom audience!

For those of you doing e-commerce, this is a GREAT custom audience you should be setting up. Big spenders and repeat customers are already in love with your brand, so showing them your new products is a must! Having an audience on Facebook of just your best customers is a great way to launch new products to them with ads (screenshot below):

1. Go to audiences section
2. Create custom audience and select “website traffic”
3. Change the dropdown from URL to Event (make sure Advanced Mode is turned on)
4. Choose the Purchase Event (note it only shows after you have gotten your first purchase)
5. In the optional parameters box choose “value”
6. Type in whatever value you want, in this case I did over $100 in purchase value but you can specify any value you want
7. Choose your audience time window and save it!

This is useful for making custom audiences of your BEST customers and then making lookalikes from them! You can also use this tactic to make audiences of people who have bought at least twice to identify repeat customers and make lookalikes from that. The possibilities are endless!


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