How to have more than 1 Location on your Facebook Page

Facebook has Finally Added the New Option!

If you own a restaurant or salon or any business that may have more than just 1 location, then you’ll love the new update from Facebook.  In the past, Facebook required separate pages for each location leaving you with a tough decision; which address should be my main Facebook page?

With the latest update, you can now connect all of your Facebook page locations and manage them under 1 area.

How does it work?

*Note: This is slowly being rolled out so you may not have the feature yet*

If you only currently have 1 page but want to add more locations to it, then you can now quickly and easily add locations to your page. If you already have multiple pages for each location of your business, you can now connect them and manage them all in one place in your ‘Locations Dashboard.’

Here’s how to set it up, if you have the feature:

Only admins of the main Page are able to make changes and add location Pages.

To edit the location descriptor:

  1. Go to Page settings.
  2. Click on the Locations tab.
  3. If your current page has an address you will encounter a ‘warning’ message, this message will ask you to remove the address from your main page. This is because when you have multiple business locations, your main Facebook Page should be a ‘parent’ for your brand, with ‘child’ Facebook Pages for each address.
  4. Add locations individually one at a time. Whether you are using a pre-existing page or building from scratch the options are available in the drop-down menu. When you create new Pages, Facebook’s system generates standardised names for them. If any information is updated on the main page, the changes will be applied to all of the locations.

You can also change the location descriptors by visiting the Location descriptor line in the Page Info tab in your Page’s About section.

This feature will be a great way to help Facebook users to find your businesses faster and will allow you to manage each of your locations in one place. You can see the full announcement from Facebook here:

The impact of this new feature is huge as you’ll be able to focus your campaigns on your main page but easily separate ads into local awareness campaigns for each location. Enjoy!


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