How to increase your Facebook reach organically

Are you looking for new ways to get in front of more people and develop genuine interest and leads through Facebook organically? Organic reach is the number of people who see your content without paid distribution. It includes people who are shown your posts in their own feed or because their friends have interacted with you.

Let’s get into it.

Generating real conversations

Facebook’s algorithm is less likely to continuously show content with low levels of engagements and popularity and more likely to surface content with shares, reactions and comments. So, what methods can you use to attract more engagements? Posing questions and making bold statements within your content can really allow your brand and a particular post to get high levels of engagements as readers feel more urge to get involved. Valuing opinions and reacting to feedback can also be a great way of developing customer relationships and allows for future organic growth.

Participate in co-branded giveaways

When you want to accelerate your Facebook presence, developing a genuine partnership can help you reach a larger audience and allow you to take those steps to where you see your brand in the next few years. Running co-branded contests or giveaways will allow you to drive substantial engagements as your brand will simultaneously grow with your partner. Try to do some market research in regards to the type of brand you could see yourself working with and what has worked successfully for other brands.

Using more video related content & brand identity

Facebook continues to introduce new video tools, which means you have even more options for creating high-performing content on Facebook. Customers and viewers like to feel connected to the brand owner or team, so consider this when you’re looking to post about one of your products or services.

Developing trust and relationships is key with video content and this is a great step in achieving that. Viewers like to put a face to a name, which is a natural instinct and by going live they’re able to do this. Facebook has three types of video creator tools, Video, Live and Reels – make sure you do some research into which you’d find best suited for your brand. If something works for your brand such as going live every Friday for a Q&A, don’t be afraid of continuing the trend and carrying that forward.

Ensure your brand on Facebook correlates to your brand’s values and identity in the real world. Make use of your banner, profile picture, bio and the other fine details on Facebook. By ensuring you have a contact method, a brand image and location, customers are able to feel more connected and trust they can contact you if they have any concerns.

Day to day admin

By asking your followers to turn on notifications and see your posts first in their news feed, you’re guaranteed to see an increase in organic reach. Within Facebook there is an invite option which will invite that specific person or business to like your brand’s page, this is an organic way of developing verification and trust. Keep on top of your interactions so that as soon as they comment you’re being sharp and responding, after all a good reputation is what matters.

Treat every like or comment as a customer walking into your shop, be polite and engage with what they want to understand about your product or service and show them that you’re a trustworthy brand. It’s important you understand the best time and days to post content. If you post too early or late your content will go to the back of the news feed and it won’t be seen by your audience (start experimenting with this). Pay attention to reviews, this will not only allow you to grow and share good reviews but will also help you learn from any mistakes so that your next customers don’t have the same issues.

We hope this has improved your understanding of growing organically on Facebook in 2022!





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