How to Manage Comments on a Facebook Ad Post

Struggling to keep up with the comments on an ad only post?

We’ve been getting asked by our clients a lot recently, as well as seeing the issue being brought up in Facebook marketing groups: How can I easily see the comments on my ad only posts?

What’s an Ad Post?

In terms of Facebook posts there are a few types you can create.

  • A Page Post
  • A Draft Post
  • A Scheduled Post
  • An Ad Post

Ad posts used to be called dark posts but that term was created by Facebook marketers, not Facebook themselves. Facebook now call them ad posts, and they’re posts that you create in your ad manager that are only seen as sponsored posts, but not on your actual Facebook page.

Reasons you would use an ad post

A great example of using an ad post is retargeting a certain audience with a special offer that they can’t refuse. Say you have an audience of people who added your product to their cart, but didn’t purchase, you can hit them with an ad that offers a coupon code to use at the check out for a nice discount on the product. This usually gets them over the line, but you don’t want the whole world to see the offer publicly on your page.

How to make an ad post

The usual way an ad post is created is in the ad level of ads manager or power editor. Rather than choosing an existing post you can create a new one, which will only be published as an ad and not to your page.

How to view the comments on your ad posts

If you go to your ads manager, then click on the drop down in the top left and hover over All Tools to expand it.

Then click on Page Posts under Created & Manage.

Make sure the correct page is selected and then you can look at Published Posts, Scheduled Posts and Ad Posts. Just find the Ad Post you’re looking for and click it. From there you can look at all the comments and likes etc.


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