How to promote your business locally

Even if your business is successful right now, you need to stay ahead of your competition to remain profitable and relevant in the future. Knowing how to promote your business locally demands some intelligent marketing strategies. If you have a few local companies similar to yours, customers need to find a reason to stay loyal to your business and support it in the years to follow. Today we explore how to promote your business locally, with free and low cost methods.

Social Media & Google My Business

Believe it or not there are still brands out there that exist and operate without the use of social media. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok & more can help drive traffic to your company, all of which are free of charge to set up and operate. One of the first places your potential customers will search for your business is on Google. It’s the platform that lets you create a business profile and listing that appears in Google Search or Google Maps.

If a customer is searching for “barbers near me” and your business is listed on Google Maps, there’s a good chance they’ll start to consider your business. In recent years, a brand’s following and status has proven to attract more customers as they sense reliability and trust from the start. Always put yourself in your customers shoes!

Creating a story or business slogan

A brand story or business slogan allows you to recount the series of events and actions that sparked your existence and determination for your business idea. Today’s customers aren’t just passively buying from your brand, they’re viewing your product or service as an extension of their identity and values. Marketing within your local areas needs to create a purpose, a culture and a community that consumers can be a part of.

Networking events & connections

One of the most successful ways to grow your local brand is to attend networking events and develop connections. Make a point of attending events and meet-ups focused on your business topic, and participate in conversations by asking questions and engaging with the public. Proving that you’re a contributing member of your local community and genuinely care will go a long way with customers and helps develop productive relationships. Along with this, you can join Facebook community groups for free that allow you to share your products and services!

Partner with local influencers

Local influencing has become a very popular marketing method especially with the increasing use of platforms such as TikTok in recent years. Their followers are more likely to trust their recommendations and may visit your business after seeing their posts. Think of it as a recommendation from a friend and building word of mouth. This can be a low cost and high reward method in gaining popularity and trust for your brand.


Good luck with your local marketing efforts!



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