How to use Pinterest in your brand strategy

Pinterest is primarily a platform that allows brands to share creative visuals and crafts. Many brands often believe that Pinterest may not be relevant to their product or service before they dig deep into the platform’s business features. Pinterest represents ideas by using ‘Pins’ which can also link back to your website or other social platforms which creates traffic and conversions.

There are two different types of accounts on Pinterest. Make sure you pick a business profile to gain all the extra benefits and tools Pinterest provide. A business profile helps with brand authority which includes customizing your header and the ability to verify website links, both of which are critical in showcasing your brand. A business account will also allow for ads, analytics and other tools to determine your pin performance.

What type of content should you pin?

Picking content to showcase on your Pinterest account can be the trickiest part..

The types of posts that are best for promoting a business, selling products or services, and driving traffic to a website include:

  • Products
  • How To’s and Product Tutorials
  • Recipes
  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Promotions

How frequently should you post?

Your content has a better chance of becoming evergreen on Pinterest, so publishing consistently over consecutive months is the best way to build a dedicated audience. The reach of your content on Pinterest will carry on growing as ‘Pinners’ discover and save your pins unlike other platforms where audience reach is normally prominent in the first 24 hours of a post. Posting daily or a few times a week to start with is a great strategy to test the waters. From there you can analyse pin performances and develop a routine as to what works best for your brand.

Optimising pins

Like with all social media platforms, the most difficult part of posting brand related content is optimising the reach and bringing regular viewers to your brand’s page. Here’s a few tips to enable you to start reaching a wider audience:

  • Pinterest recommends vertical pins over horizontal pins (takes up more space and creates cohesive feel)
  • Use high quality visuals and focus on logo placement (Pinterest is all about visuals and low level pins won’t attract viewers)
  • Pinterest SEO (Include relevant keywords about your Pins within both the titles and the description)

We hope these tips have given you more of an insight into how to use Pinterest in your brand’s strategy moving forward!


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