How To Use Testimonials In Your Ads

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Ok so you can’t go too overboard and in your face with this, unless that’s the style of your brand! But there is a way to use customer/client testimonials in your Facebook/Instagram ads to your advantage.

Testimonial Copy

This would generally be a testimonial about your product or service. Written or video or both (video, video, video!). Then generally a call to action after it. This can do very well for credibility and works especially well for retargeting but can also work great for cold traffic!

Cold Traffic

If you’re going to use testimonials for cold traffic, you want to use testimonials that cover nearly everything about your product/service. What problem did the customer/client have and how did your product/service solve that problem for them?


Using testimonials to retarget people who have already shown interest in your product/service is a great way to build a little bit of extra trust to get them over the line. Something we REALLY like to do is retarget people who added to cart, but didn’t purchase with testimonials that include details like shipping etc so they feel comfortable ordering.

Emojis 😜

You can use emojis in the copy to make them pop, and emphasise the fact that this is a good testimonial: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


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