Instagram Shoutouts

Could this be the most cost effective marketing strategy of 2017?

After a few weeks of managing our client’s Instagram pages (depending on the niche) we often start getting messages from so called Instagram Influences offering to do a shout out for a small fee. They basically take a picture with your product in it and tag you, some of them will put the link in their bio for a certain amount of time.

Unfortunately the majority of these people aren’t the real deal, and don’t even have a big following to do a shout out to! But you can’t dismiss any of them. Check every single one of them out because one day you’re going to get a message from a huge influencer in your niche and you need to jump on this asap. Most of these influencers still don’t realise quite how much they should be charging for this sort of thing, especially when their fans are close to the millions!

What’s the process?

If you’re contacted by someone who looks like they might be the real deal, have a look through their Instagram pictures and see if you can spot any shout outs. See what sort of engagement they get and have a look at the profile of the business that was being mentioned. If the business has a very low number of followers, the shoutout probably wasn’t that successful.

When you’re happy that this person is the real deal respond to them and get an idea for what they offer and how much they charge. You’ll need to send them your product so they’re able to take a picture with it. Make sure you don’t pay them until you’ve seen the picture they’ll be posting and you’ve agreed one what’s going to be said.


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