Is Your Website Optimised for Traffic?

How long does your website take to load?

Have you ever seen an ad that’s taken your interest and clicked on it, only to wait more than 10 seconds while the landing page/website loads? If you have, you probably never stuck around to see the website! The loading time of your website is so important because it directly affects all of the traffic you send to it. If you’re paying per click, you don’t want those clicks to get bored of waiting and not even look at the website.

You really don’t have much time!

Back in the day it was expected that websites may take a while to load, and some even thought that the longer a website took to load the better it was! But with modern high speed internet and people’s attention span being incredibly short, you need your site to be loading in

no more than 2 seconds!

A recent test in a Facebook marketers group found a huge difference in direct sales between a 1.1 second load time and and 2.9 second load time! When you start adding pixels etc to your website it can affect the load time so you need to be checking this all the time.

Brand Awareness Vs Direct Ads

There is a big difference between someone who visits your website because they have been part of your brand awareness audience, and someone who clicks on one of your direct ads after seeing it for the first time.

Brand Awareness Audience: If you’re successfully promoting your brand in a good light, and people are starting to check you out after seeing your great content on social media for a while then your website loading time doesn’t make too much difference – assuming it’s not over 10 seconds! Those people are going to be way more patient and will wait a while. It’s a bit like someone going to their favourite restaurant and getting amazing service, but for some reason on this visit the food isn’t quite as nice as normal. The customer already loves the food and the service, so they’ll come back and just hope this was a one off.

Direct Ad Clickers: For direct ad clickers you need to be giving them everything you possibly can. Load times under 2 seconds, a clear and easy landing page so they could literally buy in no more than 5 clicks. These people may have never heard of you, but for some reason the product or service you put in front of their eyes has peaked their interest and if all goes well they’re ready to buy!


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