Is Your Website Social Media Friendly?

What makes a website social media friendly?

We’re not talking about whether or not you have your Twitter feed displayed on your website or whether or not you make it easy for your visitors to share your content via social media. If you don’t have those features handled by now then you’re still way back in 2014. We’re talking about whether or not your website is friendly for your Social Media Marketing campaign.

You need to look at what your main social media marketing strategies are and see whether your website is optimised to cope with the campaign, and make it even more successful.

Desktop Vs Mobile

In this day and age we’d probably say that 90% of websites NEED to be mobile friendly. However your business might specifically be targeting people who are using a desktop, which is fine. If there’s a reason, then stick to it and make sure that the traffic you’re driving to your site is using desktop. You could even come up with a mobile landing page that has a button to “Send an email reminder” to your mobile visitors to have a look at the site next time they’re at their desktop.

However the majority of businesses are going to be reaching people who are using their mobile phones, and if they click on your ad and it leads to a website that requires them to keep zooming in to click the right buttons then they’re going to lose patience.

Getting the most out of your traffic

If you’re an online store selling products, you’ll know that just because you send someone to your website today doesn’t mean that they’ll be buying any time soon. But they might still buy in a few days, a week or even a few months. Is your website equipped to get them to place that order sooner? Is it equipped to send information about that person back to the social networks so you can re-target them with a special offer or reach people that are similar but may buy sooner?

The best example of this is Shopify websites. WordPress is great, and it’s what we host our website on. But many physical product stores found that there were many limitations to using WordPress especially when marketing on social media. Then Shopify came along. The ultimate solution for any online store that uses social media to drive sales. You can integrate social media pixel to your site seamlessly, you can even import your products into a Facebook shop so people can buy natively! Then there are the multiple apps that let you offer 1 time discounts to get your visitors over the line, display other purchases by other people as they happen to give social proof, and accurately track everything in your Facebook ads manager.

If you’re an online store that sells physical products then you HAVE to be on Shopify. It makes your social media marketer’s job a dream! If you’re looking to make the switch then we would recommend contacting Jag Chohan at He’ll get your Shopify store up and running in no time and it will look incredible. He’s agreed to offer a 10% discount for anyone who we refer because we often work together on projects where we do the social media marketing for website’s that he’s built.


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