It’s Time You Reached for the…Best Audience!

You probably know your audience well enough by now!

Whether you’re targeting women, hipsters, business owners or stay at home Dad’s, if you’ve been running a social media campaign for any length of time you probably know which audience is responding the best to your content. Which means part of your strategy should now be to reach as much of that audience as possible, because you know they respond well!

The 80/20 rule

It’s way too common now. Everyone’s using it for all aspects of their work and life. It’s a bit boring. But unfortunately we’re about to tell you to use it! If you’ve established which audiences respond the best to your content, then focus 80% of your time and budget on them. For specific offers and deals etc. you’ll have different objectives, but when it comes to your general content have you considered reach? If you know your content is good, and you know which audiences respond the best to it, don’t you think it’s better to reach as much of that audience as possible rather than optimising for post engagement and not reaching as many people?

Try it for a week and see what affects it has front end and back end. If you’re reaching more people on Facebook but less are engaging and clicking, then it’s going to affect back end. If it doesn’t affect anything on Facebook but in the back end users aren’t doing what you want them to when they’re on your site, then you’re not reaching the right people and the only people in your target audience that genuinely like your content are the ones Facebook optimise your ads for. 1 week is enough to see how good your audience is by reaching more of it.

The 20%

In this instance, the 20% should be focussed on finding new audiences that also respond well to your content. This is where you’ll want to continue using objectives such as post engagement and website clicks.


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