Lower CPM’s & Less Noise

Finally, the Holidays are Over!

No, we’re not miserable! We love Christmas, Family, Parties, Friends and everything else that comes with the Christmas season. But we really don’t love the higher CPM’s, the noise from everyone else trying to sell all of their products over Christmas and the general busyness of social media. It’s a bit of a nightmare for us social media marketers.

What we’ve seen so far in the first week of 2018

If you’re un-decided about whether to get back to pushing your paid social media campaigns then stop holding back and get to it.

So far we’ve seen:

  1. Lower CPM’s across all of the ad accounts we manage. CPM’s always sky rocket around Christmas but they’re back to normal already.
  2. Lower CPA’s across all ad accounts we manage. When CPMs’ rise most other metrics rise too. Campaigns for engagement, clicks and conversions all seem to be back to normal now.
  3. Sales are working very well. People are in a buying mood, as long as they can find a good discount. So, offer one…

Here’s to a good year!


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