No Conversions

But I’m doing everything right!

We know exactly how you feel. There’s no perfect way to run a Social Media Marketing campaign, because it works differently for every business. But when you’ve ran as many campaigns as we have you start to understand what works and what doesn’t. There are times where we have done everything that works and more but when it comes to actual conversions (defined by your goal, not just a sale!), people just aren’t converting.

So what’s going on?

If you truly believe that you’re getting the social media side of your campaign right, then it’s time to look at your landing page/website. There are a few things to look out for on Social Media to make sure you’re getting things right there:

  • Are your audience engaged?
  • Do people reach out to your pages in private messages enquiring about your products/services
  • Are the people you’re reaching on Social Media clicking through to your website and looking around?

If you’re confident on all of the above then let’s look at what could be the barrier to people actually converting.


  • Is your website new and relatively un-heard of? People are happy to buy products from places like Amazon or sign up to events on places like EventBright but when they’re taken to a website they’ve never been to, they can be a little bit hesitant. The first thing to do is to go through your website as if you were a customer and in every step of the conversion process ask yourself “Would I trust this website?”
  • Pricing. Now of course pricing makes a big difference. Price your products/services too high and it may scare people off, price them too low and people might not think they’re good quality. Look at your competition, don’t always try to under-cut them.
  • Images/Videos: Do you have enough images and videos of your products/services? In this day and age people don’t buy from the internet so that they can get it in real life and hope it’s everything they expected. They need to see that it’s everything they expect before they hit buy! If you’re selling products, make pictures and videos of them. If you’re selling services, make detailed case studies to prove the worth of your service.
  • Branding: The journey from becoming a fan of your brand on Social Media to visiting your website and look at your products/services to actually converting has to be consistent. If your profile and cover photos on Facebook are orange and your website is blue with a blue logo, it just feels weird. Get everything matched up!

The Facebook Pixel

If you’ve read any of our previous blogs you’ll probably realise that so far we’re quite bias in terms of which social media we think is the best. Even if you don’t sell through your website, if you’re getting ANY visitors at all then you should be tracking them with your Facebook pixel and building audiences in Facebook. This will really help in the future if you ever try to get people to convert.


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