Passion for Your Business

Business might be business, but without passion why would anyone else care?

Do you have a real passion for your business? Or are you doing it because it makes the money and you wouldn’t know what else to do? We talk to hundreds of business owners every month about their business and how they can get things to work on social media, and we can almost instantly tell whether they are ‘business’ people or ‘passion’ people. Of course it’s much more appealing for us to work with someone who has a huge passion for what their business offers, where it be products or services, because that passion rubs off on us and makes our social media campaigns 100x more effective. But there’s something about that passion that flows through to your customers!

Passion for Your Business
Passion for Your Business

It’s about where your priorities are

If your priorities are on marketing, sales and money then there’s going to be an uncomfortable feeling that customers just can’t put their finger on. We’ve worked with some clients that have genuinely surprised us with how much the care about the quality of their product and the feedback from their customers.

It’s a given that product/service quality and customer satisfaction comes first for any business, but it seems so many business owners don’t prioritise this. It’s refreshing for us to hear our clients talking about how happy just 1 of their customers was with their product, instead of going on about wishing there were more of them! Increasing the sales numbers is the job of your sales and marketing team, let them worry about it while you improve your product quality and listen to your customer’s feedback.

If you run your business on your own

Not all businesses have departments and a huge team to help with everything, which is one of the bonuses of being able to hire SMR Social to do your social media marketing for you. But if you’re literally running your whole business on your own, then we can guarantee you that if you spend 80% of your time on your products and customer satisfaction, and 20% of your time on sales and marketing you will win in the long run. Your passion needs to lie in the product that you’re selling. Love it, believe in it and make sure it’s something you use yourself because it’s better than any other product like it. It will rub off on your customers. You’ll have conversations with them on Twitter about how amazing the product is, and they’ll see your passion and share it with you. They’ll share it with their friends and tell them what amazing person is behind this product that they love. Focus on your product and your customers, and put marketing and sales further down the priority list.

Passion for Your Business
Passion for Your Business


What’s the return on investment on passion?

Yeah we get it, if you’re not making money then your business isn’t going to last very long. But return on investment doesn’t have to mean money! First of all investment should be time, passion and customer care as well as money. Return is exactly the same! Customers spend their time buying and using your products, they develop your passion for your brand and they share it with their friends!



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