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Gloucestershire Pizza Restaurant
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When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020, this Gloucestershire based Pizza restaurant needed to act fast and ramp up their takeaway/delivery orders. Unhappy with the fees with most takeaway apps they were using, they wanted to drive more orders directly through the website.

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Facebook ADs, Instagram ADs


SMR Social was delighted to be selected to help this pizza restaurant continue to do business while the country was in lockdown. We knew we had a real challenge on our hands but if we couldn’t sell pizza to an audience that didn’t really have much to look forward to, then we wouldn’t still be in the marketing industry! We received all the assets that the client was able to provide us, and a strict set of instructions on order cut-off times, delivery deadlines and more. Due to the need for the campaign to be up and running straight away, it was a case of working with what we had until there was some breathing space for the client to take on board our ideas and create some new assets.

The Challenge

We have to admit, the biggest challenge when working on this campaign was not ordering pizza every single night. Although we’re miles away from the delivery catchment area, staring ad pizza ads all day sure made us hungry!

Other challenges included different order cut-off times every day, a very tight area for delivery which was different to that for people who wanted to collect, and a lack of campaign-specific assets.

As well as this, we needed to entice customers into ordering directly through the website instead of the usual takeaways apps that they’re so used to using.

Our Approach

Firstly we set a rule that meant we were only allowed to order pizza at the weekends – which we didn’t stick to!

The strict order cutoff times and delivery areas etc meant we were very restricted in how we set up the ads unless we wanted to have to turn the ads on and off manually each day – which we did have to do for specific campaigns. We used day-parting to have the ads run at certain times each day, which meant we were restricted to lifetime budgets which just wasn’t ideal for cutting and scaling the campaigns. But we made it work.

We were also able to work with the client on some fantastic discounts and promotions that customers could only get through the website, so we could entice customers to order directly. Once a customer had ordered, they were given an account that built up loyalty points in an attempt to keep them loyal to the website.

The Numbers

Amount Spent: £48,246.62

Impressions: 13,755,199

Link Clicks: 49,315

Orders: 7100

Total Order Value: £202905.35

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