Action Reclaim

We use Facebook ads to help our client find housing association tenants that need help with problems in their homes.

Increase in Leads from Social Media
Increase in Ad Spend
Action Reclaim
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Action Reclaim needed to reach Housing Association or Council tenants to inform them that if they’ve had problems with their houses that their landlords have refused to fix, Action Reclaim can take their landlords to court and legally force them to carry out the repairs. Tenants are also often entitled to compensation for being made to live in poor conditions. We were asked if we could use Facebook ads to get this message across to Housing Association and Council tenants.

Services Provided:
Research & Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Facebook ADs, Instagram ADs


Action Reclaim needed leads and they needed them fast. They came to us hoping we could use our expertise in Facebook ads to get users to submit their details to see if Action Reclaim could make a claim for them on their behalf.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we continue to find with the ads for Action Reclaim is reaching Housing Association or Council tenants without also reaching people who rent privately. It’s become increasingly difficult due to limitations in Facebook ad targeting but we are able to keep tweaking our targeting to make things work.

Our Approach

After creating and curating enough content for the ads and writing the ad copy, we opted to use Facebook Lead Forms for users to submit their details. We set up a system that automatically sent the leads to our client in real-time so that they could contact them straight away. We were able to create multiple audiences and ad sets to get the best cost per lead for the client and in the early days of the campaign, this was often under £5 per lead. As time has passed this cost has increased along with the overall rising costs of Facebook advertising.

The Numbers

Ad Spend: £94000 +

Leads: 1395

Users Reached: 2535849 +

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