Selling music software with Facebook and Instagram ads (01/12/2020 - 01/03/2021)

Increase in Visits From Social Media
Increase in Revenue
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After managing Evabeat’s social media presence for close to a year, SMR Social proposed a campaign to directly increase sales of their music software. The aim was to maintain a positive ROAS on the ads, keeping below a specified cost per purchase.

Services Provided:
Social Media Marketing, Facebook ADs, Instagram ADs


Having relied heavily on organic sales to grow their business, our client Evabeat wanted to see what social media had to offer them in terms of paid advertising. We suggested using Facebook and Instagram ads to find their target audience and promote their music plugin.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for this sales campaign was that we had various different niches within our target audience that we had to find, and then work out which messaging would resonate best with each niche. To overcome this challenge we tested a number of different messages and used the best performing one for all audiences, tweaking certain keywords where necessary. This enabled us to test different target audiences with ads that we knew were going to convert if the audience was right.

Our Approach

We were under pressure to get sales on this campaign, so testing audiences needed to be quick and efficient. Using small budgets we advertised the plugin to carefully selected audience groups and quickly made decisions about which groups to focus on initially based on early data. Successful ad sets gave us more time and room to continue testing at the top level while generating more sales throughout the funnel.

The Numbers

Ad Spend: $6,832.22

Link Clicks: 35,482

Landing Page Views: 20,295

Sales Attributed to Facebook Ads: 351

Conversion Value Attributed to Facebook Ads: $16,371.02

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