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What the agencies tell you.

Have you ever worked in or close to a marketing department in a big company? Or even hired a big agency to run some digital marketing for you? The chances are, you were probably really impressed with what they did but were still left feeling like something was missing.

The big agencies and the big marketing department in big companies tend to be all about the numbers. No matter what your product or service is, they’ll look at your target audience and aim to get as many people to click to your website as they possibly can. Now that’s not necessarily wrong, and when they tell you that once they’ve driven someone to your website it’s not their problem anymore, that’s not technically wrong either.

But there’s a huge difference in building up awareness, generating interest, testing the waters and driving warm traffic to a website to just driving as much traffic as possible.


If you’re a service based business, much like us here at SMR Social, then there is actually some sense behind driving as much traffic to your website as possible. If you’re looking to get leads then a great tactic is to choose your target audience, get as many of them to go to your website or landing page or blog as you can and then slowly re-target them to see which people actually come back. They’re the audience you really want to market to. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to set up post engagement ads to try and get people talking on your post, because you want them to be reading your website.


This is where the numbers game in our opinion is completely wrong. If you’re trying to sell a product, you want people to talk about it. If you can get them to talk about your product on your Facebook post, then everyone else who sees the post gets to see what people are saying. That’s social media, giving you social proof. The only worry is that people might not say kind words about your product, but of course that genuinely isn’t down to the marketer to put right. If you’re simply trying to get as many people to go to your product page as possible, then your conversion rate is going to be so low it will be tough to even break even.


The buzz we’ve created for Pewterhooter London on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been unbelievable. The focus has been on getting people to publicly talk about their products, rather than trying to get people to buy them. This has naturally turned into an increase in business for Pewterhooter and will continue to do so as long as those happy customers are willing to keep saying nice things.



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