Reach More of Your Target Audience Without Spending Big!

There’s no need to scale your budgets if you want to reach more of your target audience with a video!

With large audiences, it’s often hard to actually reach the whole audience no matter how much you spend! Facebook would prefer to show your video to people that are highly engaged a few times instead of showing it to people who are in your target audience but show no signs of ever engaging with videos. Which is great, Facebook are doing us a favour there!

But what about when we we just want to reach everyone in our target audience without having to constantly up the budget? Well with videos, thanks to the ability to create audiences from people who have viewed your videos, you can!


The simple trick…

It’s actually really simple to do.

  1. Create a custom audience from the people who have viewed your video. It’s up to you what parameters you use for the audience, but we’d suggest you select ‘viewed at least 75%’ of the video.
  2. Duplicate your current ad set (never edit an ad set that’s performing well!) and head into the targeting options.
  3. EXCLUDE your new custom audience of people who have viewed your video.

This way you’ll be targeting the same target audience, but only reaching people who haven’t already viewed over 75% of the video! It’s up to you whether you leave the original ad set on, it depends entirely on your goals. But for simply wanting to reach your entire target audience with your video, this will work wonders!



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