Should you use Facebook Messenger Chat-bots?


Using chat bots for Facebook messenger can save you a lot of time responding to all your eager customers. In the social media age if you’re not replying to your customers within hours then they’re un-happy and have probably gone somewhere else already!


The idea of chat-bots is to program them to come up with relevant responses to frequently asked questions using keywords etc. This is a great way to get a response to your fans quickly to bridge the time between them messaging and you getting an actual human to read their message and respond.


The WRONG way to use chat-bots is to set automatic replies that link to whatever you’re selling and not really consider the customer’s question. Firstly, this is just bad practice. People want a personal touch and not just products shoved down their throat. Secondly Facebook are completely AGAINST this. If they see you using a chat-bot to push products onto your fans then they will be very un-happy, and we all know what happens after that…

So, should you use chat-bots?

The answer is yes, but use them to provide information until you can get a HUMAN to respond fully to your customer’s enquiry.


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