Social Media Management Setup

Access Requirements for us to Manage your Social Media:

We are excited about becoming your social media managers. We will need some login details from you so that we can do our background set up work. Please, could you provide us with the below and return it to us as soon possible.


Facebook now requires business to use their Facebook Business Manager to properly set up all of their assets. If you haven’t already, you will need to set up an account for your business here:


In Facebook Business Manager Settings, you can add SMR Social as a partner under the partners tab. Our Business Manager ID is : 889099477794998

Then, you can assign all of the assets to us that we will need to work with (Usually the Facebook Page, Instagram Account, Facebook Ad Account, Facebook Pixel and Catalogue)



As well as assigning us access to the Instagram account through Facebook Business Manager, we will also need the Instagram log in details in order to carry out specific actions such as following other accounts, liking their posts etc.



We will need to have the log in details for the Twitter Account.


LinkedIn Company Page:

We’ll need to connect on LinkedIn and then I’ll need to be added as an admin to the LinkedIn Company Page. Please send me a connection request here: – and once I’ve accepted you can add me as an admin of the page.


Google My Business:

You can give us admin access to your Google My Business account in the settings area, using the email:


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