Social Media Management Services

Social Media Platforms:

This is a list of the Social Media platforms that we are able to manage for you:

Service Details

As part of our monthly social media management service we will:

  1. Look after the social media branding: Update profile pics and cover images etc
  2. Post daily to your social media pages (Monday to Friday). Each post will be carefully created using information from your website or other relevant sources online. They won’t simply be copied or automatically generated.
  3. Each post will be formatted to the platform it’s going to. For example, tweets will have relevant hashtags and may tag other users if it will increase exposure.
  4. Respond to comments and messages on a daily basis. This is crucial and means you don’t have to worry about checking for messages as we’ll be responding every day.
  5. Do some Facebook and/or Instagram advertising for you to increase your engagement and fan base – This is how we’ll reach targeted people with my posts for you, to build up the brand.
  6. Do some re-tweeting, liking and following on Twitter to increase your Twitter engagement and following – This is how we’ll reach targeted people on Twitter. People will be tweeting about related news and needs, and we’ll join in those conversations.
  7. Do some liking and following on Instagram to increase engagement and following
  8. Tweet extra news that is relevant to your business if it will provide good reading your followers – It’s easy to get away with posting a lot more on Twitter so if we can find lots of relevant news and content then we’ll tweet about it.

*We usually post Monday to Friday and let the adverts run for the weekend reach.

Facebook and/or Instagram ads

These days with social media, it’s very tough to reach your target audience without spending money on advertising. Because of this, we added basic Facebook and/or Instagram adverts to our Social Media Management service.

We will do this from our advert account (or yours if you prefer) and will promote each post we make to your target audience. This equates to approximately £60 per month ad spend.

Your Daily Posts

There’s such a huge variety of post types available to use now, that we try and vary our posts for you as much as we can. The main type of post you’ll see from us is an image post. This includes a high quality image with text creative to get your audience engaged.

However, we also make link post, video posts, slides shows and more so that your content is varied and exciting.

What We’ll need in order to get set up:

We will need either admin access or login details to all of the social media platforms you want us to manage for you

Next Steps...

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